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Irony by Andrew Evzona

Arts Richmond

Online - 02 April 2021

Irony by Andrew Evzona


Irony is a most interesting word
Some things really are absurd
Why it's "Good Friday", I'm at a loss
When Jesus was put upon a cross

"Break a leg" you hear actors say
Who would want that anyway?
"Once bitten twice shy" we are told
New tricks can't be taught to the old

It's said "All is fair in love and war"
"Take from the rich give to the poor"
We're told that "It's a sure thing"
That more money is lost gambling

You might just say "Have a nice day"
To someone who was rude in some way
When you're told "You look lovely", be wary
If you look a mess, and, somewhat scary  

by Andrew Evzona


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