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The Repair Shop by Tony Josolyne

Arts Richmond

Online - 29 March 2021

The Repair Shop by Tony Josolyne

The Repair Shop

Auntie’s invitation
is too tempting to ignore:
‘a keepsake, revived,
magically restored.’

Your memento, a disarray of parts
stored away, but not forgotten;
held together by fond memories
too precious to lose.

Dysfunctional, fragile,
discoloured, marked and fading,
a retro-artifact that only whispers
the glory of its former life.

Workshop members greet you,
sympathetic ears listen,
hear your story:
your recollections and hopes.

You trust those experts
to heal your broken dreams;
empty-handed you leave
sad, but with a spark of hope.

Patiently disassembled, strip-cleaned;
welded, soldered, glued, lubricated,
missing parts re-modelled,
a technical resurrection,
reclothed to match its age.

The item lives again
actions, functions all in place;
a hidden glimpse of yesteryear,
covered over, it waits for you.

Eager, hopeful, you return;
witness the unveiling
with amazement, gratitude and tears of joy;
your family history restored.

by Tony Josolyne

The Repair Shop

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