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Parent Training by Connaire Kensit

Arts Richmond

Online - 18 March 2021

Parent Training by Connaire Kensit

Parent Training  by Connaire Kensit

“You said I must be good.
So you must be good too.
You do as you are told
And I'll be nice with you.
I wanted an ice cream;        5
You should have bought me one.
You saw the ice-cream van:
You should have gone and run
To be first in the queue
And bought as nice big cone;        
I shouldn't have to ask:
You really should have known.
I like it in the bath―
The warmth, the misty steam―
If you pull out the plug      
I'll yell and spit and scream!
So when I have a bath
I'll sit in it and play
Until it gets too cold.
You've got to let me stay”  
That blustery day last week
We heard an anguished shout.
The favourite umbrella
Had been blown inside out.
Then came the brusque instruction,        
The regal voice of wrath:
“This wind is much too strong!
Now go and switch it off!”
Obedience is the key
To children good as gold.  
Parents should heed commands
And do as they are told.

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