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The Unknown Warrior by Carol Wain

Arts Richmond

Online - 16 March 2021

The Unknown Warrior by Carol Wain


Somebody's son, unknown in war,
Brought home in 1920
To rest eternally in holy ground:
Where kings and queens have trod,
Illustrious poets are interred.

We remember all who died,
This day the loss is ours -
All families, all people, young or old;
It comes to us all in time.
We remember our lost loved ones,
However they have died,
Recently or long ago.
As they now rest in peace
Our tears are shed today.


by Carol Wain

[* Written on Armistice Day 2020, after seeing BBC TV coverage of the national Anglican service in Westminster Abbey commemorating the Unknown Warrior, with royalty & the Archbishop of Canterbury – on the centenary of his internment in the Abbey. Poppy wreaths were laid at the tomb. It was preceded by history and an old film of his body being brought to London.]


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