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Let's Pretend by Connaire Kensit

Arts Richmond

Online - 13 March 2021

Let's Pretend by Connaire Kensit

Let's Pretend                             

This poem is not autobiographical.  The speaking voice is an imagined person in an imaginary situation.

Let's pretend that what you did has not upset me;
Let's make-believe my heart is made of wood;
Let's pretend that I don't wish you'd never met me,
Pretend that I can't see that you're no good.

I'll pretend you never made me want to thump you;  
I'll act as if my heart were made of stone;
I'll pretend that I don't really long to dump you,
That I'm not afraid of being left alone.

If I were not so scared of isolation,
Of being One, not part of any Two,                              
I'd have answered you with ex-communication
And my memory would keep little space for you;       

In my mind the mists of time would close above you
Like an abscess one gets over when it ends.
As it is, we'll just pretend that I still love you; 
We'll pretend that we can make believe we're friends.

by Connaire Kensit

Let's Pretend

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