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Giving Up For Lent! By Terry Bedell

Arts Richmond

Online - 10 March 2021

Giving Up For Lent! By Terry Bedell

Giving up for Lent!

I’m going to give up sweeties, Dad,
The little boy announced,
‘Coz Jesus gave up sweeties, Dad,
The day that he went out
And spent time in the desert, Dad,
For forty days and nights
If God can give up sweeties, Dad,
I think I’d like to try

I’m going to give up chocolate, Dad,
The little lad declared,
I gave up giving up sweeties ‘coz
I started to get scared
That if I don’t buy sweeties, Dad,
What’ll happen to the shop
Where I buy all my sweeties from?
I don’t want them to stop!

I’m going to give up crisps, Dad,
The little boy decides
‘Coz I forgot about my chocolate stash
The one you said you’d hide, so I’d
not eat them all on Christmas Day
And spoil our Christmas scoff.
I’d better eat them now, Dad,
Or they’ll very soon go off.

No, I’ve given up plain crisps, Dad,
Just to make it clear,
So I’m allowed these cheese & onion ones
That Nanny gave me here,
I can’t give up all crisps, Dad,
That would just be silly
What would I eat with my packed lunch?
There’s no other snacks to give me!

I’m going to give up Vegetables!
He thoughtfully decides
As he munches through the plain crisps,
His last embargo dies
It’s going to be quite tough, Dad,
But it’s for Jesus, see!
So, for the last few days of Lent, Dad,
No Brussels’ sprouts for me!

                       by Terry Bedell

Giving Up For Lent!

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