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Censorship by Pat Cammish

Arts Richmond

Online - 03 March 2021

Censorship by Pat Cammish


This week I passed a marker stone:
It tickled me no end.
I had a poem swift struck off,
But truth I did not bend.

The poem was given riddance good:
Anonymously snipped.
It is the thin end of the wedge,
Of screen-led censorship.

Have you recently considered
The meaning of the word?
A screen's something to hide behind –
Remaining unobserved.

Outrageous slings and arrows,
We can't oppose or end,
From hidden online snipers,
By clicking on 'Unfriend'.

Compelling screens suck in their prey,
As steaming piles do flies.
Our anti-social, media mess,
True freedom, now defies.

Sad comment on our modern days,
That we cannot allow
Opinions, differing from our own,
To air in open now,

As when I was a growing child,
And learning to accept
Debating as the noble art,
Opponents to respect.

We were so proud back then to be
Uncensored and enlight'n'd.
New iron curtains now descend
And speakers, often frightened

To really say quite what they mean.
It's such a waste of time.
“You may hold your opinion -
If it's just the same as mine.”

There is a list of censored words,
We can't now safely use
In innocent description,
Else someone blows a fuse.

More stupidly, it is a fact,
Approved words don't last long:
Politic'ly correct, this week -
The next they're likely wrong.

If we can't say just what we think.
In simple polite speech,
Our golden free society
Has sunk far out of reach.

And University, melting pot,
Rich source of new ideas,
How can that be enriching,
When 'No Platform' call appears?

So should we all restrict our lines
 To Nightingales and Urns,
Homeric depths, where Pan reclines,
 So Truth on Beauty burns?

Let's make our words all quite obscure,
So many folk won't get it.
 Just muse on Nature, lilies pure,
Or dwindling years? Forget it!

Be careful what you wish for.
Is Speakers' Corner still in flow?
I now know what I wish for -
'Common sense of long ago'


By Pat Cammish


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