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The Beautiful Game by Connaire Kensit

Arts Richmond

Online - 13 February 2021

The Beautiful Game by Connaire Kensit

Luther poets had a session on ‘free verse’―poetry without a rhythmic pattern, known for the past hundred and ten years or so as Modern.  I don’t feel confident using this style,  but made this attempt. 

The Beautiful Game                           

Ref said my goal didn’t count: I was offside.        
     What’s “offside”, Dad?              
            Can you explain me the rule? 

The game’s beauty doesn’t lie in rules and regulations, my son,          
     but in the poetry-in-motion of pass            
               and strike,                  
          the joy of jostling, the swish                  
               of the whistling wind . . .    

You don’t understand the offside rule either, do you Dad?

     By Connaire Kensit 


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The Beautiful Game

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