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The Turning Wheel by Carol Wain

Arts Richmond

Online - 12 February 2021

The Turning Wheel by Carol Wain

The Turning Wheel

The wheel turns again, again -
As one recovers and another falls
In life's endless cycle and recycle
Around the central hub of me, my thoughts
Of what and who I am.

The world around me shifts and spins,
As generations grow no longer understood -
My youth seems far away but I'm not old,
I tell myself; I still get around…

As one recovers, finding new delight
In summer sunshine and autumn's hues,
The other shrinks and fades,
Closing down and shutting out day's light

Although some hopes are lost or dimmed,
There's solace still in sunny days and sea,
An unexpected trip to discover new land,
With laughter, learning, family and friends

.By Carol Wain (September 2011)

Written in my 68th year, as my late husband was declining with dementia – a difficult time. I was also aware of having little understanding of the strange new Millennial generation, half my son’s age.


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The Turning Wheel

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