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Animal Sounds by Andrew Evzona

Arts Richmond

Online - 07 February 2021

Animal Sounds by Andrew Evzona

Animal Sounds

by Andrew Evzona

A dog will growl
A wolf will howl
A cat will meow
An ox will plough

A horse will neigh
A donkey will bray
A cow will moo
A pigeon will coo

A tiger will roar
A woodpecker will bore
A sheep will bleat
A robin will tweet

A bear will scratch
A chicken will hatch
A snake will hiss
A seal will kiss

An elephant will rumble
A gorilla will grumble
A ram will batter
A monkey will chatter 

A kangaroo will chortle
A turkey will gobble
A koala will shriek
A mouse will squeak 

    And a human will ?

Poem for the Day Animal Sounds

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