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The New Neighbours by Anne Warrington

Arts Richmond

Online - 08 February 2021

The New Neighbours by Anne Warrington

Those New Neighbours

New neighbours moved into our street       
Laughing aloud so late at night.    
Strange, shrill voices rough and upbeat     
Disturbed our sleep: Oh, do be quiet,
We cried: Why cause such an affright!  
These newcomers we must defeat              
If  peace is to be put to right         
For all the neighbours in the street.   

Those new neighbours stayed indiscrete
Up at all hours, well past midnight!
Old neighbours grew morose, downbeat
When crude, rough songs were sung all night
 By new people, so impolite.
We begged, complained and did entreat
That newcomers be more polite
Towards all neighbours in the street.

Those thoughtless neighbours in the street
Seemed to think they had the right
To leave old cars quite obsolete
In space, not theirs, out of spite!
Our stream too received no respite.
Filled with rubbish! We did entreat
Council, police to mediate (ite]
For all the neighbours in the street.


Mr Prince and all, we shall this night
Rejoice! Those neighbours did retreat
Like the speed of light. What a sight
For all the neighbours in the street.

The Ballade (not to be confused with the ballad) is really quite fiendish because of the number of rhyme sounds needed: also has an envoi that tradition dictates must be addressed to a Prince.

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Our New Neighbours

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