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Sitting at a Lecture by Catherine Osborn

Arts Richmond

Online - 06 December 2020

Sitting at a Lecture by Catherine Osborn

Sitting at a Lecture

I’m sitting at a lecture,
Glancing slyly at my watch.
Another half an hour to go
And the speaker’s voice so deadly slow.
What I’d do for a drop of Scotch.

He’s rambling on about poetry.
I can’t understand a word.
He says complex lines are good for the brain,
Better by far than the simple and plain.
That’s the daftest thing I’ve heard.

Poetry should communicate,
Not leave one in a daze.
If your primary aim is to addle the brain,
A crossword might be a lesser pain,
Or finding your way through a maze.

My feet are getting restless now,
My bottom’s getting sore.
The fellow sitting next to me
Has closed his eyes for all to see
And begun to softly snore.

Ah, time for questions, thank the Lord.
It’s nearly time to go.
Some views from cranks and know-all swanks,
Followed at last by hearty thanks,
And a final rush for the door.

                                                                Catherine Osborn

Catherine Osborn has won several awards for her short stories.  A collection of her light verse, Sweet & Sour, is in press; publication expected this month, December 2020.

Sitting at a Lecture

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