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The Leaving Card by Andrew Evzona

Arts Richmond

Online - 28 November 2020

The Leaving Card by Andrew Evzona

The Leaving Card

The Leaving Card is truly a memory to cherish

Though when you left, was it your personal wish ?

Were you made redundant with no real choice?

And did you bade farewell to the girls and to the boys?

Messages received can really mean so much

As you hold back the tears to keep in touch

I always used to write a joke on leaving cards, it's true

Don't care what your Manager said, it was worth employing you!

It's lovely to be appreciated for whatever you have done

Together, you've worked hard ,though found time for fun  

The memories never fade as everyone has their own story

Maybe, a new challenge awaits with more hope and glory

So, the traditional goodbyes show themselves on the card 

And a leaving present too, even though times are hard  

"Good Luck", "Best Wishes", "Will Miss You", we've seen them all

Let's hope there's a reunion, then we'll really have a ball!

                                                               By Andrew Evzona

The Leaving Card

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