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The Happy Hunter by Catherine Osborn

Arts Richmond

Online - 09 November 2020

The Happy Hunter by Catherine Osborn


My cat came growling through the kitchen door,

A mass of writhing feathers gripped in jaw.

She let it drop upon the stone-tiled floor,                        

Then held it fast with powerful, vital paw;

Growled in her throat again, surveyed her prey

With gleaming, yellow eye, triumphant stare,

Then, tearing feathered chest, all speckled grey,

Dragged half-dead, fluttering mass towards a chair.

Swished tail as bleeding body thrashed about,

Watched gulping gasps for air of tiny beak,

Sat down when death throes ceased and light went out

Of frightened eyes.  Got bored then.  Went to seek

Myself, meowing, rubbing at my feet

And coaxing, calling for her Kattomeat.

                                                                            Catherine Osborn


Catherine Osborn has won several awards for her short stories.  A collection of her light verse, Sweet & Sour, is in press; publication expected in December.

The Happy Hunter

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