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Militant Rob by Anon

Arts Richmond

Online - 12 October 2020

Militant Rob by Anon

Government lockdowns, instructions to follow,

The public response regretful and mellow,

Yet not for us, this is insane,

Challenge those rules is our refrain.


You see I have a mate, we'll call him Rob,

We do things together, even our job.

Fun and alcohol drive our activities,

No time for rules and enforced captivities.


Rob is aggressive, a no-nonsense man

I am more like his happy fan.


"Come on, Let's go bowling,

Meet the girls, do the hard-drinking.

Abiding by rules, restrictions on liberty,

Challenge impositions, proceed with certainty."


This is Rob's mantra that we all follow,

Hearts are uplifted, spirits glow.

Politicians interfere, seemingly astute,

Rob knows better and is resolute.

Travel, party, sing and gather,

Others tut, complain, no matter.


The fan base for Rob of which I am one,

Abide by his mantra when said and done.

Politicians, what do they Know?

Do as Rob does, go with the flow.


Four weeks ago Rob had a cough,

Three weeks ago his breathing got tough,

I will not be calling at his door,

You see, militant Rob is no more.


Politicians, what do they know?

Shall we still go with the flow?


Militant Rob

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