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A Day In My Life by Simon Tin

Arts Richmond

Online - 09 October 2020

A Day In My Life by Simon Tin

Hey Jude, Do You Want To Know A Secret
Michelle, She Loves You. The Night Before
Yesterday She Came In Through The Bathroom
Window With A Little Help From My Friends
Eleanor Rigby, Julia, Lovely Rita, She said
She Said I Will the Two Of Us to Get Back,
Come Together, We Can Work It Out.


There was Another Girl. I Saw Her
Standing There and thought Got To Get You
Into My Life. Sent The Word to Mr Moonlight,
Paperback Writer, Penny Lane. I Should
Have Known Better. This Boy wrote


Dear Prudence,
I Want To Hold You Hand. I Wanna Be
Your Man. If I Needed Someone In My Life
Baby It’s You Honey Pie. Oh! Darling
Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? If You
Can’t Do That, I’m Happy Just To Dance
With You. Girl I Need You. Please Please Me
Love Me Do.
P.s I Love You.


No Reply, Hello Goodbye. I’m Down. Ask
Me Why, Because, I’m A Loser, I Am The
Walrus, The Fool OnThe Hill. Need Help,
Taxman, You Never Give Me Your Money.
Money, Can’t Buy Me Love. Getting Nowhere
Man. What A Hard Day’s Night, I’m So Tired,
Let It Be. Tomorrow Never Knows. Goodnight.


I’m only Sleeping but Flying with Lucy In
The Sky With Diamonds through Strawberry
Fields Forever in an Octopus’s Garden Back
In The USSR When I’m Sixty Four.


After Golden Slumbers, I Feel Fine. Good Day
Sunshine. Free As A Bird, I’ll Follow The Sun.
Drive My Car The Long And Winding Road
to Norwegian Wood, buy a Ticket To Ride
the Magical Mystery Tour, a Yellow Submarine
going Helter Skelter Here,There and Everywhere
Across The Universe Eight Days A Week To
Pepperland to hear Her Majesty, Lady Madonna
and Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Ringo, George, Paul and John, it’s Only A
Northern Song From Me To You.
All My Loving,
You Know My Name,
The End.


by Simon Tindale [written in celebration of John Lennon’s birthday who would have been 80 on the 9th October]

A Day In My Life

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