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On Rhossili Beach, Gower Coast By Carol Wain

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Online - 12 September 2020

On Rhossili Beach, Gower Coast By Carol Wain

On Rhossili Beach

Three of us walk against the wind
On this long beach, as far as eye can see.
Surf white and creamy, surfers small black dots:
They could be seals or penguins, not people.
We have stood on the headland, blown to bits,
And marvelled at the view, the rock’s pink and grey striations
(If that’s the right word.)  The Worm’s Head
Juts out into the ocean, and the old shipwreck spars
Stick up through the sand since eighteen whatever.

The moody, lanky lad walks with his Dad:
I watch them stride out as I pick up pink stones,
Speckled pebbles and occasional empty shells.
I have never visited this beach on a summer’s day;
Always in Autumn when strong winds blow
Dust storms in miniature, with eddies before us
In the endless expanse of sand.

                                                                   By Carol Wain

Written in 1995 while my son, Son, was at Uni in Swansea. Rhossili is famous for the headland, the Worm's Head, where seals gather. It has a very long sretch of sandy beach and red striated cliffs. 

On Rhossili Beach, Gower Coast

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