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A Summer Shower by Bob Kimmerling

Arts Richmond

Online - 08 September 2020

A Summer Shower by Bob Kimmerling

Sinking feet feel the brush of sand
below warm salty foam
as water's flowing rush retreats
with sound of many tumbled stones.
Sand clouds churn by water's turn
and ankles wrap in sea grass tangles.


A drowned black beetle floats slowly by
beyond each beaching wave.
Sun rays warm my neck and back,
my shadow comes and goes where sand is flat,
seen beneath the water's calm
between waves' to and fro.


A single line of cotton clouds drips
like a watercolour wash.
Some cold drops prick my sun-warmed skin,
as small bright meteors hold the sun within,
flung passing from bright sky.


These thousand tiny fireballs flash,
falling past my eyes
and extinguish as they meet the sea,
where playing children shriek surprise.


Bob Kimmerling has lived in Richmond since 1980, founding the Vineyard Community Centre and Richmond foodbank where he continues as a trustee. He is also a  team minister at the Vineyard Life Church.



A Summer Shower

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