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The River Crane by Bob Kimmerling

Arts Richmond

Online - 11 September 2020

The River Crane by Bob Kimmerling

The River Crane

Dragonfly lands atop the stick that stands in gently flowing stream.

Bubble trains and dried leaf boats blow

and briefly strand before they slip between the stepping-stones

then skip beyond, where quieter waters flow.


Speckled trout, dappled thrice, with sunshine spots,

just seen through mirror shimmered waters

swim between the Crowfoot’s tangled shocks

waving to and fro to follow as the current’s go,

white-adorned with flower pearls

set bright in green and flowing locks.

Somewhere far, wood pigeon’s triple coo,

two longer, one double follow through,

floats high along soft summer’s breeze,

and flagging briefly, one by one, willow’s silver bellied leaves

turn and turn to signal with the sun

that all is as it should be.

All is peace, and all is lazy summer’s ease.


Bob Kimmerling has lived in Richmond since 1980 and founded the Vineyard Community Centre and Richmond foodbank where he continues as a trustee, as well as being a team minister at the Vineyard Life Church.

The River Crane

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