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Something For My Tombstone by Connaire Kensit

Arts Richmond

Online - 15 September 2020

Something For My Tombstone by Connaire Kensit

Something for my Tombstone

The mouldering bones that lie beneath this plot
Belonged to one whose motto was “Why not?”,
Who, like his forebears, would not have his peers
Dictate his tastes in clothes, or faiths, or beers,
Who never sought to shock or to dismay                     
Yet would not worry what the neighbours say:
Though slow those neighbours' lifestyles to condemn
He let them worry what he'd think of them,
Thus hoped to live free of dispute or grudge.
Did he succeed?  That, reader, you must judge.

                                                            Connaire Kensit, 2015

Something For My Tombstone

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