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The Occupied House by Lara Frankena

Arts Richmond

Online - 06 September 2020

The Occupied House by Lara Frankena

Your cupboards fall foul

of enemy appetites.

Your clothes are worn

by strangers who

answer the telephone

in the wrong language.

No one bothers to draw

the curtains any more

and at night you watch

your cigarettes burn

into someone else's hands

as your pens malign you

on monogrammed stationery.

There, on the table,

a book lies open,

its spine surely broken!

And the clock ticks on, chiming the hour

just as it did when you

were there to wind it.


from ABOUT TIME, the 2019 anthology of shortlisted entries from The Roger McGough Poetry Prize. Copies of this Anthology can be purchased for £5 including P&P from Arts Richmond.

The Occupied House by Lara Frankena

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