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BUMBLEBEE AND ME by Bob Kimmerling

Arts Richmond

Online - 28 August 2020

BUMBLEBEE AND ME by Bob Kimmerling

Bumblebee and me

Bumblebee stumbled like a drunk
crossing dry leaf ground
and made for overhanging plant
where sun patch had been found.
Climbing flower like mountain face
bee reached his summit peak,
there paused to take the warming rays,
feet combing head and cheek.
Bee seeing near three petalled flowers
dipped in them one by one.
Revived and filled with food and warmth
he flew towards the sun.

That morning willed my body sore
towards the edge of bed.
I slowly lowered feet to floor,
thoughts ordered in my head.
With kneeling hassock to both knees,
and seeking daily bread,
I made my morning's prayerful pleas
with Word devotions read.
Then standing ready for this day
with heart and mind now one,
my body rises, filled this way,
to glorify the Son.

                                                   by Bob Kimmerling

“Bumblebee and me.
I have always been a keen observer, perhaps in part due to being trained to draw and paint when I was very young by my artist uncle,  and further by an early career as an architect.  We have all seen insects stagger their way over rough ground. A night cooled bumblebee whose bulk should defy flight, finds graceful ground navigation even harder going than some, as I recently witnessed sitting in my garden. Now I also feel the same first thing in the morning!”

Bob Kimmerling has lived in Richmond since 1980 and founded the Vineyard Community Centre and Richmond foodbank where he continues as a trustee, as well as being a team minister at the Vineyard Life Church.

Bumblebee And Me

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