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COLOUR by Karen Heyworth-Taylor

Arts Richmond

Online - 25 August 2020

COLOUR by Karen Heyworth-Taylor


The tone of light in life’s journey 

always changes so never worry.

Twist the light to suit your story,

whilst tracking the stars for an aligned odyssey.

Sow the seeds of your truest endeavour 

and live life in dappled colour.

The joyous rapture of diversity is yours to take 

when you shape this mindfully.

Be cautious kind in this world’s light,

to aid your choices for a safer flight.

From the ground upwards you can soar,

your truest colours from the core.

                                by Karen Heyworth-Taylor


This poem was read by Karen at Q2’s Virtual Variety Evening on Saturday 15th August.

COLOUR by Karen Heyworth-Taylor

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