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Rain, Steam and Speed by Pat Cammish

Arts Richmond

Online - 24 August 2020

Rain, Steam and Speed by Pat Cammish

* Turner's own appendage to his title for his painting displayed at the RA Exhibition of 1839

Behold the wild beast,
Iron horse from the east.
Approaching through rain
And clouds o'er the plain
Thames-side, Maidenhead.
On Brunel's new bed.

Soft stone solid time,
And farmland sublime,
Stand still to behold
The future so bold,
Rushing at speed,
To us without heed.

Tiny hare on the track
Not looking back
but darting in fear.

The monster looms near,
Turning the page
Of th' industrial age.

             Rain, Steam and Speed by Pat Cammish

Rain, Steam and Speed by Pat Cammish

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