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RICHMOND HILL by Pat Cammish

Arts Richmond

Online - 22 August 2020

RICHMOND HILL by Pat Cammish

England, Richmond Hill on the Prince Regent's Birthday, 12th August 1818

When Turner stood atop the Hill to paint
The loveliest view in all of Albion,
Far besting vistas picturesque and quaint
When elsewhere in the world his talent shone.

The mighty Thames he saw as liquid gold
And blue, beneath the glowing western sky.
In meadows washed of grief and war untold,
The wicket rings once more with player's cry.

It was for him a sign of England's earth.
He named it such, in hope in confidence -
New Age, new times, of Progress, Peace and Wealth.
A birthday gift it was then for the Prince.

Now all are gone who gazed upon the scene
The view remains, the river runs serene.

              by Pat Cammish  January 2020


Poem inspired by painting of the same title exbited at the RA 1819 by Joseph Mallord William Turner


RICHMOND HILL by Pat Cammish

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