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Brief Distraction by David Russomano

Arts Richmond

Online - 08 August 2020

Brief Distraction by David Russomano

Brief Distraction

If the whole world is a dog out for a walk,
if it trots along, tongue lolling,
content to follow the path that it’s on
until it hears a puddle calling its name

(you know the stagnant ones it can’t resist:
all mud and dead leaves, the water gone green),

if, despite its owner’s remonstrance, it bolts,
relishes a romp in the muck, and returns—
dirt spattered up its legs, coat fouled and sodden—
then those droplets hanging from each tuft of fur

could be us, just a few seconds away
from being completely shaken off.

                            by David Russomano

Bio: David Russomano is the author of two poetry collections: (Reasons for) Moving [Structo Press] and Caught Light [Friends of Alice]. His poetry has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize, long-listed for The Brian Dempsey Memorial Prize, and featured in over 40 publications, including The Missouri Review and The Worcester Review. In 2014, Kingston University awarded him the Faber & Faber Creative Writing MA Prize. To learn more, visit https://davidrussomano.wordpress.com/ 


Brief Distraction

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