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Dora Jordan by Anne Warrington

Arts Richmond

Online - 12 August 2020

Dora Jordan by Anne Warrington

Mrs Jordan (1761-1816)

Dora, an actress of Irish descent

Enjoyed her life causing little offense

Except to the Queen who did much lament

Her son’s naughty and wilful preference

For a comic actress from low background

With whom at Bushy, William sowed his seeds.

Such goings-on thrived ‘til a turnaround

In royal status led to abject deeds.

Poor William’s lively and fertile mistress

Now homeless, trailed by debtors, fled to France

Where alone she died, bereft, and stateless.

And yet in sculpture form you may per chance

At Buckingham see where she now presides

Madonna-like waved to by palace guides.


                                             by Anne Warrington


Mrs Jordan: an actress, courtesan, and mistress of the future King William 1V. Bushy House in Teddington was their residence until William, then the Duke of Clarence, became King. Together they had 10 illegitimate children.

Dora Jordan

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