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Catch and Release by David Russomano

Arts Richmond

Online - 07 August 2020

Catch and Release by David Russomano

Catch and Release

It’s still right there, dying
in a stack of holiday snapshots:
hooked teeth set in a frown of disbelief,
slick serpentine body
sprawled across the jetty.
I wasn’t the fisherman;

I didn’t snag the moray, tear it
from the Aegean, leave it
writhing on hot concrete
when it could’ve just as easily
been thrown back,
but I stopped and gawked,

watched the convulsions subside,
aimed my camera at what was left,
and caught that plaintive expression
glaring up at me, as if from a great depth.
It’s a stalemate, this staring contest.
Even now, neither of us can win.

                                            by David Russomano

Bio: David Russomano is the author of two poetry collections: (Reasons for) Moving [Structo Press] and Caught Light [Friends of Alice]. His poetry has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize, long-listed for The Brian Dempsey Memorial Prize, and featured in over 40 publications, including The Missouri Review and The Worcester Review. In 2014, Kingston University awarded him the Faber & Faber Creative Writing MA Prize. To learn more, visit https://davidrussomano.wordpress.com/ 


Catch and Release

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