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Your Best Friend Tries To Kill You by Phil Williams

Arts Richmond

Online - 01 August 2020

Your Best Friend Tries To Kill You by Phil Williams


"We became best friends when I was thirteen
You gave me such courage and strength
          the like I’d never seen.

When I led the school team to victory
You and I partied all night, it was a joyous sight.

When I got the girl,
I gave you an extra twirl.

When I got the top University place
It was only you that put the smile on my face.

When I got the wife, the house and the car
You never were very far.

When you had me on my knees
You took away all my money and my keys.

When you had me close to death
Everyone could smell you on my breath.

I loved you once
As I thought you loved me.

You tried to kill me
But today, with God’s grace, I am free.” 

                                                                       by Phil Williams

Your Best Friend Tries To Kill You

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