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Twaddle and Tosh by Andrew Evzona

Arts Richmond

Online - 30 July 2020

Twaddle and Tosh by Andrew Evzona

Twaddle and Tosh

Twaddle and Tosh ,what do they actually mean?
I often use these words when applicable
There are many words with no real meaning
Such as Bamboozle, Kerfuffle and Skedaddle! 

You can be Flummoxed or Flabbergasted too
When something you never expected happens
You may call a young person a Whippersnapper
If they get up to naughty Shenanigans! 

All this Malarky can just be Gobbledygook
Someone may be accused of talking Codswallop
I remember watching Bill and Ben as a child
Wondering what on earth was the word "Blobalop"!

It's funny many of these words are still around
Standing the test of time, around the clock
They can sometimes bring tears to your eyes
Now have a Canoodle ,and, stop talking Poppycock! 

                                                                      By Andrew Evzona


My poetry interest only began to take more serious steps in this century as per my first book "100 POEMS TO MAKE YOU T.LC. (think,laugh and cry) which was published on 4th Sep 2017 by Spiderwize. I am proud that HM Queen has a copy of the book ,and, there is a thank you letter from her included as the first poem is about HM.  2nd book still to be finalised.

Twaddle and Tosh

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