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Confused by Andrew Evzona

Arts Richmond

Online - 29 July 2020

Confused by Andrew Evzona


How many times are we confused
When strange sayings are used
So many that I’ve heard before
Where less becomes more.

They say winning is all about confidence
If you’re not confident you don’t win
And if you don’t win you’re not confident.

What does that actually really mean?

People who say they know nothing, know something
How can anyone understand that
He is inconsistent consistently
What’s that all about?

The lights are on but nobody’s home
How do you know, did you knock on the door?  
You can spin the coin, but, it’s not always heads
Now that’s stating the obvious isn’t it?

We’re going round in circles here
We just have to beg to differ
The list goes on and on
No wonder we are Confused.com!

                                       By Andrew Evzona


Written for those who have difficulty in understanding some weird aspects of the English Language!


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