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M'Local by Pat Cammish

Arts Richmond

Online - 26 July 2020

M'Local by Pat Cammish

M' Local

This is m' place in t' corner
Of t' Red Lion, m' local.
Mind you they call it summat else now,

M' Dad brought me in after t' war.
“Reet lad, it's time thee 'ad tha first pint.
Official like.”
What 'ud 'appened in t' black out
We di'n't talk about.
Then t' beer went up
In t' Red Lion,
'is local.

'E was past it b' then.
Never reet since t' last lot.
But we managed.
Mi Mam kept 'im going
That and t' Red Lion
'is local.
Mind you they call it summat else now.
Funky Bloody Chicken.

'E was never 'appy after they put Jook Box in.
Teddy boys calling 'im Granddad.
'E di'n't last long after that.
They gev 'im a good send off in t' Public Bar,
Of t' Red Lion.
'is local, - then mine.
Mind you they call it summat else now.
Ferret and Trouser-leg.

Them Space Invader machines
Wer' a nuisance,
Beeping and flashing leets
In t' Red Lion.
M' local.
Mind you they call it summat else now.
Cutler and Kumquat.

I'm in m' place in t' corner.
Of t' Red Lion.
They want ter do it up.
Rip out t' woodwork and t' carpets.
Distress t' floors.
Distress me more like.
M' corner'll be t' dining room.
Of m' local.
Mind you they're callin' it t' Red Lion agen.

       by Pat Cammish


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