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COME INTO MY HEART by Phil Williams

Arts Richmond

Online - 24 July 2020

COME INTO MY HEART by Phil Williams

 Come Into My Heart

“Come out of my head.
Come into my heart.

Come out of my head.
Come into my heart.”

This is always the mantra that I say at the start of the day.
It keeps the dark insidious feelings away.

Often I lie awake at night blanketed with fright.
But when the dawn breaks I can come into the light.
The four horsemen of the apocalypse take flight.

When I was out of my heart I acted off my head.

Come in said the girl.
Only through our marriage can love, fun and fulfilment unfurl.

Come in said the barmaid.
You will never again need to be afraid.

Come in said the job.
We can make you a towering intellectual snob.

Come in said money.
I will make you so attractive and funny.

Now as I go about my day.
Trying to walk slowly through the crowd.

I try to comfort people along my way.
Emphasising that feeling just ok today really is ok.

So please come in.
I feel that have so much love to bring.

                                                                               ©Phil Williams

Written before and after a friend’s funeral when there was much talk of kindness and love

Come Into My Heart

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