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CONDOLENCES by Sara Burn Edwards

Arts Richmond

Online - 18 July 2020

CONDOLENCES by Sara Burn Edwards


I’ve heard there’s a bereavement
And had to give a call
To offer my condolences
We’re good friends after all.
I know you nursed James for a while
So now, he is at rest
We know life is a journey
And things turn out for the best.
I’ll pop around for coffee soon.
Yet give you time to grieve
I hope that you’re surviving
In your hour of need
Oh, Goodness me! I’m sorry
You’re Jenny’s sister, Jane –
Your voices are the same
So poor dear James is left behind
I must just have a word
To show him how I sympathise
At the sad news I’ve heard
Oh, James my dear, how dreadful
You must be so bereft.
We’ll rally round and cheer you up
Now you’re the one that’s left.
We know that life’s a sea change
And we all flow with the tide
Come very soon for dinner and
We’ll help you to survive.
                                                 by Sara Burn Edwards

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