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Wrens in Lockdown by Ian Lee-Dolphin

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Online - 16 July 2020

Wrens in Lockdown by Ian Lee-Dolphin

Wrens in Lockdown

Each morning, the usual suspects arrive,
Blue tits and goldfinches
         hanging precariously from the seed-laden tree
On the ground, the robin and blackbird
        peck, peck, pecking

The wrens dart in, almost unnoticed
       So small , peck, peck, pecking
 Filling their beaks, then flying
      over the shed and fence
I cannot see where they go.
Minutes later, returning
      peck, peck, pecking.

Small, fully focused,
Still they come,
      despite buffeting winds
Oblivious of the gargantuan robin and blackbird
      peck, peck, pecking.

In this pandemic
      pause for dramatic effect …
We are like the wrens
Darting around the supermarket
     pick, pick, picking
Then rushing back to our nests.


                                                                            by Ian Lee-Dolphin


Ian Lee-Dolphin is a songwriter, poet, singer, guitarist and founder member of the bands Take Five, Zenith and French Lessons. Ian has been writing songs and poems since 1968 and played one of his first gigs at the Marquee in Wardour Street, London in 1970. 




Poem for the day Wrens in Lockdown

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