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When I See by Ken Mason

Arts Richmond

Online - 13 July 2020

When I See by Ken Mason

When I See

When I see all those old films on the telly with
Actors in bright glowing blooms of youth, and
Think of some now with a rather fat belly and
All of the other bits heading down south.
I feel very sad, do you see?

 When I see groups of those happy new daffodils
Bright shining trumpets of brilliant yellow, I
Think of them later all shriveled and wilting and
Waiting for nature to let their lives go.
I feel very sad, do you see?

 When I see chasing a prancing gazelle, just
Racing around with such youthful glee, there
Comes to a time when he runs not so well, and a
Predator will catch him and have him for tea.
I feel very sad, do you see?


 When I see mirrored my wrinkled old face, and
Recalling the angst of an earlier youth, even
If my life runs at a less racy pace now, I’m
Happier today though so long in the tooth.
I feel very glad to be me

                                                            by Ken Mason

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