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Dancing in Quicksand by Sharron Green

Arts Richmond

Online - 12 July 2020

Dancing in Quicksand by Sharron Green

Dancing in Quicksand

           Aeons ago we came to the ball,
a nightmare from which there’s no leaving.
   Like a stuck record, we spin in a groove,
         so dizzy now that we’re heaving.
   The ballroom once splendid is tarnished,
     the crystal and gold have been scuffed,
                   in our finest we stood,
                   eating all that we could,
     and now it’s all gone we are stuffed.
      The band plays a Titanic medley,
as chairs round the dance floor swap places,
    the ball gowns bob, in the bubbling mud,
        and we stare at the horrified faces.
      What we need is a Fairy Godmother,
   to whisk us back, with a gaze so adoring,
   to the days when our planet was healthy,
       and our politics simple and boring.

                                                                        by Sharron Green

Poem for the day Dancing in Quicksand

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