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Secret Bath Spaniel by Pete Jardine

Arts Richmond

Online - 11 July 2020

Secret Bath Spaniel by Pete Jardine

Secret Bath Spaniel

 27th  June 2020

I step out of the bath while the water drains

And conclude my ablutions

Glancing back to the tub before leaving the room

I am at once appalled and amazed.


It appears that whilst I was having my bath

Someone was also bathing a short haired spaniel

Who was clearly undergoing his spring moult

Leaving behind far, FAR too much evidence.


As I stare in silence at the sheer quantity of lost locks

Barbers Adagio for Strings begins to play

And memories of life with luxurious hair

Flood back all at once to pass before my eyes.


Looking out to sea, with the wind in my hair.

Riding my bicycle, with the wind in my hair.

Walking, …with hair.

Just,   having hair.


I think I’d better stop using shampoo,

Start using adhesive.


Poems For Earthlings – by Pete Jardine

© 2020

Poem for the day Secret Bath Spaniel

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