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Resolution by Pete Jardine

Arts Richmond

Online - 06 July 2020

Resolution by Pete Jardine




I gently lay the picture face down on the freshly cleaned glass

Black and White, hand tinted.

Handwriting on the back faces me

To my Darling Annie

It’s dated 1947

I select the highest resolution

And set the machine to work

Two minutes later the faded picture is glowing on my screen

Then the miracle begins

A click of a button,   a slide of a mouse

The colour returns to faded cheeks

The veil of time is pulled away

And there he is smiling out at me.


He was a handsome bugger.

Many, many years later I’d be a twinkle in his eye.

I wonder who got my share of his good looks.


As I sit there staring into his eyes

I eventually realise that I’ve lost all track of time

Oh, and I’m crying again.

A blissful, happy, special, precious, unexpected moment.

Bloody computers,     

- aren’t they marvellous?



                                                                 1st March 2020


Poems For Earthlings – by Pete Jardine

© 2020



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