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Setting Free the Hummingbird by Daniel Haisley

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Online - 30 June 2020

Setting Free the Hummingbird by Daniel Haisley

Setting Free the Hummingbird

by Daniel Haisley

One day I caught a Hummingbird

Humming a beautiful tune

And felt a million miles away

Looking down on the world from the moon.

And in that moment of tranquillity

I contemplated how my life fell apart

How I corrupted a soul that once was innocent

And hardened a once tender heart.

I wonder how it could have been different

And despair of things that weren’t fair

How life likes to dish out hard knocks

Knowing well I’ve had my fair share.

But this is not time to be weak

Or speak a negative word,

I think I should keep these thoughts to myself

And set free the Hummingbird.






Setting Free the Hummingbird is taken from the book of poems, ‘From Behind The Door’ published in Great Britain by Amazon. The writing of these poems by Daniel demonstrates the power of poetry and its ability to provide those who have temporarily lost their way in life with a voice.

Poem for the Day Setting Fee the Hummingbird

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