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Morgan and the Sloth by Patricia Cammish

Arts Richmond

Online - 27 June 2020

Morgan and the Sloth by Patricia Cammish

Morgan and the Sloth


A little girl called Morgan Drew

Was one day taken to the zoo.

She saw all kinds of creatures there,

The lions and tigers, a polar bear,

Wallaby, wombat, marsupials both,

But most of all she loved the Sloth.


A book was bought with pictures bright

She read it through with all her might.

She learned by heart every fact

About the beast, not one she lacked.

And then one morning, Oh what joy!

A Giant Sloth, a cuddly toy.


She adored his coat, his claws, his eyes,

And so it came as no surprise

That at her school on World Book Day,

Morgan went, in full array

In her costume as this creature,

Whose dream-like movements are such a feature


Of how he swings around the trees,

As if propelled on gentle breeze.

Her Book Day costume was so stunning,

(Mostly due to Mummy's cunning,)

And thus it was, in this disguise,

That Morgan Drew won the prize.


                                                                Patricia Cammish  2018

Poem for the Day Morgan and the Sloth

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