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Danger In The Night by Ruth Marler

Arts Richmond

Online - 20 June 2020

Danger In The Night by Ruth Marler


awake since 0230 

I resort to Ovaltine 

and whole-wheat bagels

the trip downstairs

fraught with danger


the landing light-bulb

exploded hours ago 

as I retired to bed.

I left my slippers at the door

as a marker and reminder

that glass lay strewn across the floor


this night-time trip

to warm my milk

across the worn brown carpet

safe and warm  beneath my feet

was undertaken in the dark

till I could reach a working light


and all the while

the broken bulb

lay cold and sharp

teeth agape

yearning for me to stray



by  Ruth Marler






Poem for the Day Danger In The Night

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