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Flight of Fancy by Robin Clark

Arts Richmond

Online - 17 June 2020

Flight of Fancy by Robin Clark

Flight of fancy


Once I held a tiger by the tail

With trembling hands and face so pale

The power the beauty the eyes of fire

I felt myself consumed by desire

Once I saw a butterfly

Its patterned wings caught my eye

It fluttered here it fluttered there

Its destination? I’ve no idea

Once I saw a bed of flowers

With bejewelled petals from recent showers

Heady perfume filled the air

Enchanted I could only stare

Once I saw a mermaid on the rocks

With pretty face and golden locks

She shed her scales and then her tail

And walked towards me as I set sail

Once I saw a maiden dancing by

With laughing face and smiling eye

But whose her partner so debonair

I know that face but don’t know from where

Who’s her partner who can it be

Well of course I know him for it is me


By Robin Clarke

Poem for the Day A Flight of Fancy

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