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The Tiger by Alice Wain

Arts Richmond

Online - 14 June 2020

The Tiger by Alice Wain

The Tiger

By Alice Wain, aged 10 – in 1983
(After The Tyger by William Blake, in C18th.)

Tiger, Tiger big and bright,
Hunting in the steamy night,
Growling, prowling, crouching low -
Enormous eyes majestically glow.

Tiger,Tiger with her cubs,
Every single one she loves,
But she hears the hunters near,
She'll get her cubs away from here.

Noisy footsteps everywhere,
Coming to the Tiger's lair,
Every single cub must flee -
They'll get away, hopefully.

A sudden silence fills the air -
The hunters at the Tiger's lair.
She had to keep them occupied,
To save her cubs the Tiger died.

- - - - - -

[Note: Alice won a young people's poetry & writing competition for this in Richmond that summer,1983.]

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