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Mind the gap by Fran Thurling

Arts Richmond

Online - 13 June 2020

Mind the gap by Fran Thurling

Mind the gap

Mind the gap between vague promise and do it now.

Please remember to activate protective bubble when you leave the train.

This is La-La Land.

The next stop is Nearly Too Late My Friends.
This is an Anthropocene train to Extinction.
Calling at:
Nearly Too Late My Friends,
If You Can't Stand The Heat,
Where Has All The Nature Gone,
See-Saw Edge,
Tipping Down,
Who's Sorry Now,
Water, Water Everywhere,
Hot, Hot, Hot...

At the next stop some doors may not open.
Please move down the train and hope for the best.

This is your guard speaking.
I won't be on the platform at every station folks.
But I'm with you all the way guys.
Have a nice day.
You, me and us, innit.
What will become of the people?

The next stop is Nearly...

This train is currently held at a faint chance.
We may or may not be moving soon.
Please listen for further announcements.
The next stop is Nearly...

We are glad your journey will be delayed.

By Fran Thurling

Poem for today - Mind the gap

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