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Eco-Worriers by Bob Kimmerling

Arts Richmond

Online - 12 June 2020

Eco-Worriers by Bob Kimmerling


Dear David and dear Greta,
I thought I'd write a letter to our eco-anxious friends, 
two perfect pinion riders of environmental trends.
You mighty eco-worriers with opinion in your grasp, 
have you turned to your creator, or even thought to ask, 
the One who laid foundations in farthest distant past, 
and with His hand formed seas and land, 
and bounded in his wisdom the multitude of nations?

Well and good to save the ozone, and the snowzone, 
to ban the plastic, to change the fossil fuel. 
But to turn not to creator risks the wisdom of a fool.
You follow all humanity to dust of flesh and bone, 
do you think your worldly sanity will save this earthly home?
Do you know how? His pitied promises are proven every day.
The healing of our land. Now, please, bow your knees, and pray.

by Bob Kimmerling 17/01/2020

Poem for today Eco-Worriers

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