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To a Welsh Terrier by John Helston

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Online - 11 June 2020

To a Welsh Terrier by John Helston

To a Welsh Terrier

Goodbye, old Bryn !
On ways to worlds not ours
Your swift feet took you – tho’ to worlds akin
Your dog’s mind reached and peered within
Thro’ subtler senses and less troubled powers.
You die. But we remember you could reach
Our thought, and leave us something in exchange,
A hint of things remote from human speech.
But in your eyes made bright and passing strange
Of ways long lost to us to us you yet could win.
Good bye old Bryn.

To his memory from Jack February 1939
John Helston ( Hetherington )


Thinking of Barbara Lee’s treasured cat who recently died, I am reminded of a
poem written by my grandfather’s cousin, Jack Helston, who was a published poet in
the 1920’s.


Bryn was my grandfather’s dog.

Information provided by Heather Montford.

Poem of the day - To a Welsh Terrier

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