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Poem for today by Barbara Lee

Arts Richmond

Online - 04 June 2020

Poem for today by Barbara Lee

Mia’s Heaven

Tell me Mia
That you have had 
your dinner tonight
Your favourite felix meat delight

Tell me Mia
Have you found a place to sleep
Just by my sleeping feet

Tell me Mia
You are by my bedroom door
Reaching out with your furry paw.

Tell me Mia
That you have found 
A garden of trees
By the cascading leaves.

Tell me Mia
That you’ll promise to stay
Alongside us every day. 

Tell me Mia
That you can hear me 
call your name
I can feel your pain.

Tell me Mia
Did you hear me say goodbye
and cry

Tell me Mia
When it’s time to part
That you’ll know
When we can softly let go. 

by Barbara Lee

Written in memory of a much loved cat.

Mia's Heaven

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