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Poem for today by Felicity Buirski

Arts Richmond

Online - 28 May 2020

Poem for today by Felicity Buirski

Repairs & Alterations

You can call me lover
You can call me friend
You can call me traitor
Then try to make amends
With a thought you create me Lucifer bringer of light
And I will illuminate your darkness ad infinite!
Or you can call upon the Saviour, summon up the King of Kings
Who will deliver you from the darkness the light brings

I am slowly melting into Fire
And very soon I will inflame your heart
And you can choose to sit there very quietly
As still as a model for my perfect work of art

Or you can celebrate my coming with water 
Splash about like a child in your every cell
Or you can steel yourself with pain, afraid of sunsets
And sit alone tonight in the dark of your own private hell

I once acknowledged you with terror
You stopped my power with your feeble breath
Look I only ever meant to waken you
And now I fear I've scared you half to death

I was clumsy it's true to lift my hammer and chisel at you
And watch your body turn from flesh to a pillar of stone
And the sparks of intuition fly up to Heaven
And leave you here forsaken and alone
Upon your back I engraved my Ten Commandments
Then I turned and made my weary way back home

You can call me lover you can call me friend
We're gonna work it out
We're gonna work it all out in the end

So now you've seen what's written on the menu 
Surrender's the dish I penciled in at the end
The Chef lies wounded in the kitchen
And His Blood is the wine we recommend

You can call me lover
You can call me sister or brother
We're gonna work it out
We're gonna work it all out in the end

Here I stand in all my faded glory
But at least I can stand to tell the story!
Be it ever so difficult to change 
Or impossible to rearrange

But if we're to be repaired and altered
All tools of force will only buckle and bend
Forgiveness cleaves apart as it cleaves together
To form a perfect indivisible mend

But I've lived so long in my confusion 
It's hard for me to make a choice
You see I've heard so many voices calling
How on earth am I to know my Master's Voice?

Yes I've lived so long in my delusion
It's hard, oh God it's hard to make a choice like this
The pain that I've so very long befriended
Would be offended should I forsake it now for bliss

And he who would betray me with a hammer
Could so easily betray me with a kiss
But I breathe again as my heart tells me
"Didn't the Father's Son already pay the price for this?"

And the Woman in us all foreclosed is reinstated
When she accepts these generous damages
As a

Cc Felicity Buirski 1988.

Felicity Buirski is a British singer/songwriter whose award winning 1987 debut album 'Repairs & Alterations' was followed by' Interior Design' and last year her 3rd album 'Committed to the Fire'. These are three of the four albums that will comprise a Boxset called 'Wayfarer- One Woman's Journey from Illusion to Light' A lifetime's work and a spiritual endeavour. Click here to listen to 'Repairs & Alterations'.


Repairs & Alterations

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