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Poem for today by Sara Burn Edwards

Arts Richmond

Online - 25 May 2020

Poem for today by Sara Burn Edwards


We’ve moved away
We’re “Moving on.”
That doesn’t mean we’ve left you
You know such friends are always loyal and
Hope to see you soon.
You’ve an Open Invitation
Anytime at all.
An Open Invitation is an all-embracing term
But does it so deliver on its 
Warm and smiling words?
Does it make one hesitate when
No date is inferred?
Just email us or text us
We’d love to see you when
You’ve got some time to spare us
And chew the fat again.
Oh, what a shame
We’re off to Spain and then on our return
The kids are here and well you know
The chaos that will cause
The Easter Week?  Not easy
We’re painting the front door,
Then visiting the neighbours – 
Should have done before.
We’d really love to see you
Any time at all.
You’ve an Open Invitation
Yes, anytime at all.

By Sara Burn Edwards

Sara has served as a Borough Councillor and is also a former Honorary Executive Chairman of Richmond upon Thames Arts Council (now Arts Richmond). She is also the founder of the Swan Drama Awards and currently serves as Patron of Arts Richmond.


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